Dream Of Wild Flowers


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Subject: Embrace Nature’s Beauty with Our Dream of Wild Flowers Tote Bag! 🌼👜

Description: Step into a world of vibrant blooms with our Dream of Wild Flowers Tote Bag! Handcrafted from durable organic canvas, this stylish bag features a colorful wild flower design that evokes the beauty of nature. With its spacious interior, double handles, and handy inside pockets, it’s the perfect accessory for carrying your essentials with ease and style.

– Bag Length: 60 cm
– Bag Width: 36 cm
– Bag Height: 34 cm
– Handle Height: 28 cm

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Carry the essence of nature wherever you go with our Dream of Wild Flowers Tote Bag! 🌸🛍️


Dimensions 60 × 36 × 34 cm


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